Blue Bowl In Orange Has More Parking!

Blue Bowl co-owners, Teague and Craig, taking a moment to spread their wings in (🥁DRUMROLL PLEASE…) our new additional parking spaces at Blue Bowl - Orange!!! We know parking isn’t the best at Orange. The honest truth is that we never in our wildest dreams thought we would create such an amazing following of customers when we first opened. We never planned for such parking needs!

After some real effort, we were able to acquire 5 more dedicated parking spots through our landlord. Not a ton, but it more than DOUBLES our parking spaces!! So look out for those “Blue Bowl” marked spots.

But regardless of the “big” news, we REALLY don’t want you to get towed when parking around Blue Bowl - Orange. It’s the least fun thing EVER. We like to park 1-2 blocks away in the neighborhoods. It’s actually not so bad. No matter what, please look out for posted signs to prevent from getting towed. Stay up!

417 S. Main St.
Orange, CA